Holly is getting adopted

Today I had someone come to my kennel to look at Holly and they are going to adopt her. I have made about 5 videos of her in the last 2 weeks and belove is a short one from today...you can see how much she has changed. The biggest thing for all of this is that I have developed the perfect training program for shelter dogs. Most shelters only have volunteers that go to them and give them love and affection and lots of treats..that is the last thing they need...the dogs need incredible structure and exercise.

If you recall this is the same dog that attacked me the first time that I met her just 2 weeks ago. All of my training is without any food or treats. We do not bribe dogs to behave and we do not punish dogs if they don't. The Solid K9 Training approach is a holistic approach to dog training. Just think what it can do for your dog.