My trip to the ER

So I am in a room in the ER awaiting to get a chest Xray...why you ask..because i had to wait until all of the dogs finished their work day and got put to sleep, so I could go. About 5 days ago I was going down my front steps the night it snowed..i had my furry slippers on, which obviously have no traction and up and up I went and landed on my side right on a step, which my ribs do not fit into nicely. The pain has been bearable until today...I was hoping that it was just bruised ribs and nothing internal...knowing that not much gets done for bruised ribs I did not go was laborous breathing today and lots of pain when I I went....therefore I blog. An interesting thought crossed my mind as I was sitting in an exam room in this nice sterile waiting room, I really stink, I smell like ass and dog and in that order I think. I big thank you to the folks at Miriam Hospital for taking such great care of me


Leia who came to me a few days ago rocking a down/stay in the training yard...

If you look carefully you can see Leia in a downstay. She is coming such a long way

Berger and Lilly have a great time playing...Berger spent 2 days in the ER because he had an appetite for mulch and it caused a this is his first day back training..and we keep a muzzle on him so he does not eat any unauthorized items..but it does not stop him from playing

Holly is keeping a great sit/stay in the play yard while Leia just checks things out...

Even with Berger and LIlly running around playing in the background Holly keeps her downsaty...what a great way to spend her last few days with hard. I will be getting another dog from the Monroe CT SPCA on friday.

One of the most important parts of our boot camps is dog/dog socialization. It is so important that the dogs learn proper social skills, dogs should not be too submissive or nervous nor should they be too dominant and being a bully with other dogs in the play yard.

I had to go to the Apple Store at the Providence Place Mall since I was having problems with my IMovie, I was able to figure it out with the great help of Jason and I also figured out how to do IChat which means I will be able to one on one training internationally. I should be setting that up by the end of this month hopefully...

we did a nice little 4 miler today as usual with 7 dogs...the white dog in the middle is Holly, my pack has helped her out so much with her nervousness and lack of trust in people

Holly loves to ride next to my seat in the van...she has come so far. I am so proud of her

1/2 way through  or walk I stop so the dogs can go to the bathroom, this is how my pack goes to the bathroom.we stop i give them the "go potty" command and they go and then we start time about 30 seconds.