Who has time to train?

I hear it all the time, people telling me that they are busy and don't have time to train...I understand we are all busy...I am posting a video that I took yesterday of me working 2 dogs while I was doing work on my computer. It is a combination of the following commands: Place, sit/stay and down/stay. Though the video is only 10 minutes long I actually worked the dogs for 60 minutes. I edited the video down and at times I show it at 4X the normal speed. The concept is the same though..if you are sitting on your ass reading a book, watching TV, on your computer or playing video games you have time to train dogs.

I will be at the Winter Chilli Festival this Saturday from 11-5 helping out my friend Eric Weiner who was the Small Business Person of the year last year and who was voted the Best Limo Company in the USA. He has a new venture, a cookie company (human cookies) and he is launching his product at this show. I will be at the show since I do trade show consulting and I will be doing dog demos as well selling discounted tickets to my upcoming seminar at the Westin Hotel. So stop down it is at the Rhode Island Convention Center.

I also will be picking up another rescue dog from the Monroe CT SPCA tmrw morning..Holly was adopted out this week to one of my clients who wanted another dog. I do all of this rescue Pro Bono, so if you want to help out with this you can purchase a ticket to my upcoming seminar. Part of the funds is used to pay for these dogs.

Training w/clientsJGellman