More Mo, More Mo

Yesterday I drove down to Monroe CT SPCA and picked up another shelter dog. Mo is a 5 year old Lhasa Apsa with some Pekineese in him. He has been living at the shelter for 3 years and has a little biting issue. One issue is that Mo needs to have eye meds put in 3 times a day..meanwhile he attacks you when you try to put the cream in his we are in for some fun.

Mo with his eyes all cleaned out and eye meds in...get your emails in...this little man MO is up for adoption..I really feel that once we get  this eye issue taken care of ..Mo will be showing the love... he is already warming up to us and is great with other dogs. I will have some video up by the end of the weekend...

I was at the Chili Festival at the Convention Center. Just helping  out a friend who has started out a cookie company. Uma was a great pull into the booth . Lots of people hung out petting Uma and tried Eric's Cookies.