First video of MO

I am putting up a quick video of MO, i drove through a snowstorm that affected NYC and southern CT on Friday to get him, it was my only free morning and I had to get him no matter what the weather was. One of his big issues is his biting whenever anyones hands go towards his face...he also has a nasty eye infection which makes it difficult to apply his eye meds. So the first order of business is to get the meds in his eyes...this needs to be done 3 times a day. Once that is done Mo will be a much better dog, and along with the training  and rehab we are going to do we will be able to get him adopted out.

Yesterday (Sunday) was a great outdoor training day..I was at Narragansett beach for a 3 hours working with 2 different clients on recall training. It was incredibly crowded with people and dogs and made for great distraction recall training.

Max and Uma in a downstay, I put them there for about 15 minutes so I could focus on the clients dog. This is also great training for Max and Uma since so many dogs come by them.

Dont forget my radio show starts at a new time this Saturday. I am on the air from 9am-11am every Saturday on AM790. Also this weekend I will be at the RI Pet Show at the Rhode Island Convention Center. I will have a booth and I will be selling discount tickets to my upcoming seminar as well as doing dog demos all day long.

I am also going to be having a different client on the air every week to discuss how I have effected the life of the family with my dog training.