Beautiful Long Sunny Day

What a crazy busy day...I left the house at 6:30AM and finally came home from CT at 10:30pm, in between I had lots of clients, spent lots of time training kennel dogs and hanging out with the kids, got some good photos on such a sunny day. The kids were playing outside, the dogs were all out..I had an emergency bite case in Warren with 2 big dogs which is always fun for me to work with...since I know that dogs fighting in households is mostly just household management that needs to be put into place and it is mostly a human issue.

I went and saw Remy at his new home in East Hartford, CT as my last client of the day. He is doing so incredibly well...going along with my theory about there is some great kennel dogs out there and there is no reason to purchase a dog from a pet shop..remember "Adopt, don't Shop"

From a kill shelter in NYC, rescued by the Monroe CT SPCA, put into a 2 week Boot Camp at Solid K9 Training and into a wonderful home whith a wonderful mother/daughter household. Remy has an awesome new life.

Clover is so happy that she can pump on the swing all by herself.

Mo and Kishmish hanging out in the play yard..MO is doing awesome....he is a very friendly dog with a great personality. His eye medication is helping and he is allowing us to put it in 3 times a day with no problem. He has been great around my kids , great with the training, eats his meals properly, is good at going into his kennel at night, so who wants him? He is a 5 year old dog, who appears to be in great health..he may have an underlying eye issue which we will get checked out once his eyes look better

Kaiser who is Lindas new 4lb 16 week old Chihuahua had his coming out party yesterday in the play yard....she just put him in the play yard to see what would happen. I had total confidence in the dogs to give her a proper greeting.

Kaiser has also grown up over the last 6 weeks and has become a really good greater of other dogs and fits right in. The dogs are very curious of Kaiser, and just because of his size it makes no matter.

Kaiser in the Place command with high levels of distractions..He has been working on the Place command, proper heeling and also Recall.

Mo in a sit/stay in the middle of the play yard while 8 other dogs just run around and play. The ultimate distraction training. Mo is coming along so well with his training.

Max and Uma in a downstay while Kishmish tries to distract them...he loves to come up to them and get in their faces

the in the face activities start

Clover loves to swing on the rope, Roca loves to bite on the rope....trying to think if I trained Roca to not bite the kid on the rope....I'll let you know tomorrow

Bam and Leia enjoying a nice warm day in the play yard...

Dont forget that my radio show switches times this week...moving forward I will be on AM790 every Saturday morning from 9-11am and I will also be at the RI Pet Show this weekend doing all of the dog training demos and also having a booth.