MO end of week one

MO has been with us for 1 week and if you go back and look at the first video of MO you will see how he was extremely difficult to manage. He had massive eye infections and would go crazy if you tried to go near him..lunging and biting..I mean really biting and hard. Todays video shows myself going up to MO having him come out of his kennel, applying a warm compress and then putting his eye growling, no biting....keep in mind that I never use food for any training ever. That does not go with my holistic real world approach to dog training.

The issue that I am seeing with MO is that he has lost some of his sight, I am not a Vet but judging by his not quite seeing the door to the kennel or his individual kennel and sometimes walking into doors and walls it looks like he has had some vision loss..I am doing all of this training, feeding and boarding on a Pro Bono case and do not have the budget to look farther into this.

I am going to to set up a donation page I have decided. We so about $5,000 a month in pro bono work. It would be great if I could get all of my readers to donate $5-10 a month to help offset these costs. I would be able to keep up with the cost of the rescuing that I do and possible even be able to do more rescue. I turn down dogs every week because I just do not have the resources at the moment. My model for rehabilitating shelter dogs in an efficient way in order to get them adopted into forever homes is incredible.

The above video is of MO and me doing our 3 X daily routine. we teach the dogs not to come rushing out of the kennels when the doors are open. This is our standard default waiting at thresholds training. MO overdoes it a little bit.

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