2 of my favorite things, kids and dogs

I love working with my clients that have children, having 6 of my own kids and lots of dogs, who woulda thunk?

One of my clients who had a baby 6 months ago had a training session with me this week....working in giving her confidence to heal her dog properly with a double stroller as well as managing her household with 2 kids and her dog was so much fun...below is some pictures from the session. I sometimes think of video taping every one of my clients each week...lately I have been seeing about 30 clients a week along with a full kennel it makes for lots and lots of dog training stories. Changing the lives of so many people is so rewarding for me, changing the energy in a household, in a family, it is almost like taking this heavy burden off of the shoulders of people. Training dogs is one of the most fullfilling things that I have ever done.

I bring MO around to alot of my clients..he is doing great.. no more snapping..gets along with every dog he comes into contact with....SOMEONE ADOPT THIS DOG....so i can get another one in whose life needs changing.

Clients dog in a rock solid PLACE command with the new baby...this way Ollie can be involved with the family without getting in the babies face.

Max is so good with the kids...this young man loves dogs and is such a good dog player...goes around picking up balls to throw to the dogs.

yes that is Ollie flying through the air...the little boy throws the ball and the dog jumps....easy peasy

He wanted to play with MO in the worst way....I did not want him rushing up to MO but he did interact and MO had no issues with him.

Max loves coming to clients houses and hanging out. He helps me out with both humans and dogs alike.