New picture day

Lots of new dogs in the kennel this week and we are actually booked solid for the next couple of weeks...all of the staff is working extra hours just to make sure all dogs get the most amount of training possible. Whenever I get new dogs in I always get emails asking for pictures up on the blog as soon as possible. So pictures go up today...all of the dogs are doing great...what a difference the dogs are doing after just a couple of is incredible how when one of the main issues of dogs is jumping on people. Dogs don't jump on me when they come into my kennel. It is so important that we understand that dogs jumping on us is a learned behavior that most dog owners have trained their dogs to do. I have a very effective method of stopping dogs from doing this. I don't turn my back, I don't knee them in the chest, I don't grab their feet.

Watson in the Place command in my office...notice how he has a leash on..all dogs when training have a leash on...why? so if they break command we can gently grab the leash and guide them back to the position they were in

Clover takes over training Watson for a little bit..she loves to run the dogs through commands, heel, sit,down & place. She is an awesome assistant. The dogs respond to her so well...and they don't jump up on her...why????? she is a pack leader and that would be disrespectful

Watson in a rock solid downstay while Romy and Clover play like the wild children they are...this is training..real world applications without the use of food.

Watson in Place in my office while Mo is allowed to just walk around and play..Mo was playing with his squeaky ball all over the office and Watson stayed in place the whole time...

George, Watson and Fortune play during some free time during the day. All dogs when not training get to go in the play yard which is also training since they have to learn good dog/dog skills, One of the benefits of a board and train program with us is that dogs are only in kennels at night to sleep for their safety, during the day they are always training or playing.

Fortune working on his down/stay. Just arriving this week for a 2 week board and train it is incredible how fast Fortune is acclimating to my training program.

Fortune was doing down/stays from 30 feet away from me for 5 minute the right of the photo what you do not see is 10 dogs in the play yard running around, this makes for awesome distractions.

Tessie who is with us for a 2 week board and train will also lose some weight, most dogs with us lose weight since we exercise them so much...Tessie could probably stand to lose about 20lbs though. This will not happen with us but she will start her exercise and weight loss program as well as a a great training program.

I send the kennel dogs out every morning to search for mice, whichever dog kills the most mice gets to ride in the front seat of the van that far George is winning

Even in my downtime I can train dogs, Max and Uma resting on the couch (yes I told them to get up on the couch, notice the blankets) Mo on the ottoman and Leia in the Place command. Mo is doing great, he goes back to the Monroe SPCA on monday to get adopted out and I will be getting another dog in from them to rehab and adopt out.

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