My training saved a dogs life this weekend

I received this email this afternoon from one of my clients that was backpacking this weekend in the mountains..the gist of it is that if the dog did not stop it would have went over a cliff. We trained recall training on an e-collar but the ecollar was not used in this instance since it happened so fast. So she relied on our training to work and boy did it. For anyone that says ecollar training is mean has never actually taken their dog off leash in the situations that I often do and gotten turn on a dime results that is needed. the Whites, along the Old Bridle Path which goes up Lincoln & Lafayette, right along quite a ravine.  Had to quit partway up because of the wind gusts, someone said they were over 60mph, I couldn't stay on my feet.  Anyway, as we were coming down, still really windy, still on the very edge of the ravine, Kona was staying in a perfect heel behind me, until I got distracted by trying not to get blown over the edge and she took the opportunity to grab at a stick, which always makes her really excited.  I guess sticks are exciting, who knew?  When she realized she was not behind me, she took off towards me, went barreling past me, straight to where the trail took a sharp left and if she went straight, she would have gone over the edge.  I yelled, "NO! HERE!" faster than I think I have ever yelled two words before in my life.  That damn dog turned on a dime, in slippery snow no less, and came flying right back at me and skidded to a stop right at my feet. 

I think the adrenaline is still flowing.

The two photos are the cliff she almost went over -- after the trees in front, it just goes straight down -- and then her being ridiculously cute later.

If you are interested in doing off leash recall training feel free to call me at 401.527.6354 it may save your dogs life one day