MO goes back

Today after 2 weeks of intense rehab and training, Mo goes back to the Monroe CT SPCA, he will get adopted out. He was in the shelter for so long since he had this little issue of biting the hand that feeds him, and grooms him, cuts his nails, cleans his eyes etc...

the last 4 days of Mo's stay with us I would bring him to clients with me, he rode in the front seat and I wold often reach over quickly and rub his head. he would totally relax. A far cry from 2 weeks earlier when anytime a hand came towards him he would bite it.

I went over all of his training and directions and techniques to applying his meds and he will go to a forever home soon. They brought up another dog for me to work with. I will put up a picture of him tmrw as well as an initial assesment,I am having so much fun with these dogs. If anyone is looking for a great dog to adopt you can contact Fred at the Monroe CT SPCA www.SPCACT.ORG

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On Sunday it was a crazy day both inside and outside of the kennel, the story behind this picture. Leia was in Place and I had to run into the kitchen, she broke place and I asked Clover to bring her back. I then had to go outside and do some kennel things, upstairs into my office and then I remembered that Leia was told to go to place 30 minutes prior..When I went into the family room there she was in Place as she should be. The kids were running around, dogs all over the place and Leia in her Place command waiting for someone to tell her what to do..not bad for a 10 month old dog after 2 weeks of training..she went home Monday morning and is doing great

We had a new dog come onto the property yesterday..things are going well....

Uma and Max spending some inside time with Clover and Romy, they are allowed on this one couch when I put down blankets and give them the UP command..though the kids are allowed to get up on the couch and jump around and if the dogs don't like it they can leave. The kids get first choice though, keep that in mind, it is a couch for humans that dogs are allowed on.