Distractions, Distractions, Distractions

Lot of fun distractions work gets done everyday, to give you a little sampling of what we do lots and lots of training. Everyone was out in force yesterday..3 trainers all working at the same time. Clover and Romy running around like the wild children that they are which is always a great help to the training. Romy is really coming out of her shell with everything..she is building so much confidence and converses with my staff so well...keep in mind that she is only 3 years old and Clover is 4 and they both help with training dogs.

Not sure what song the girls were singing while they ran around Fortune who is in a sit/stay, but they were singing and running and Fortune never moved an inch..we call this a sit/stay with distractions

Fortune in a down/stay while the kids yell and scream and swing over his head, this is always a little challenging for dogs to do at first, with my training though it will only take a few minutes to understand the concept. Keep in mind with my Real World Holistic training we don't use food as this goes against my feelings of dog training. I want the dogs to truly understand what is expected of them in every situation and not be looking for food to do it.

Clover running around Cody (who just came in from the Monroe CT SPCA) and is up for adoption. This is his 3rd day with us and he understands a downstay quite well.  If you are looking for a quality rescue dog feel free to contact me at jeff@solidk9training.com

Watson in Place (behind Clover) and Bam in a downstay while the kids do what they do the best. Bam is coming along well...he has the issue of random lunging and biting people..

if you look close you can see Bam in a downstay all of the other dogs are free to do what they want. Roca decides to show us his belly. Clover found her new distraction item, she loves walking around on the walker complaining about her war wounds and the high taxes in Providence.

The secret to happiness is enjoying the small things in life, don't let them slip by you.

Kishmish working on his Come command and he loves doing it....if you look closely Charlie is in Place and Kishmish ran right by him and he did not move. this is an important part of the training that dogs understand what they are supposed to do when they are supposed to do it.

Lets all make sure that we spread the word about my upcoming seminar, if you click on the countdown banner on the right side of the screen you can order tickets and if you click on the facebook icon on that ticket ordering page you can  let everyone know about my event, this will be a big help as we are trying to do these seminars every few months in Providence in order to get our training system out to the masses.