Beach time today

What a wonderful day today was..I had a client in Newport and after I went to the beach with Max and Uma and we had a great time running up and down the beach....perfect day we went to the beach by The Atlantic Beach Club and also Easton Beach.....the waves were awesome and not to crowded.

Cody who just came to us from the Monroe CT SPCA and is doing well his first week of training, he is up for adoption. We just found out today that MO has been adopted out.....he was in the shelter for 3 years without being able to get adopted out because of his behavior. Then a 2 week bootcamp with Solid K9 Training and he was made adoptable and he found a nice home....

One of my clients has 2 yorkies and a GSD, and they all need to learn all of the commands so they can all awaken their true spirit.

Hunter checking out the status of Casino who has been overcoming some huge nervous behavior when he arrived at the start of the training system is highly effective with fear and nervous dogs, it helps them build such great confidence in a short period of time.

Money and George have been getting along fine..

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