Was that Summer?

Nothing better than an outstanding weather day...working outside 365 it is always a pleasure being able to enjoy some warmness with the dogs...I actually thought about setting up the misting area for the dogs but it was not quite that warm...it is also nice to have the kids outside running around while the dogs are training...a built in distraction is always good for training. I am getting a lot of great feedback on the new time slot for the radio show.

when I go on our training walks with a pack all dogs need to be sitting when it is time for me to clean up poop..

Cody is up for adoption, he is doing well...does not seem phased about my kids running around. Gets along with other dogs, does not bark excessively like people think most beagles do. Loves to train and exercise and has no problem just chilling out and chewing on a deer antler to pass the time away. If you are interested in adopting him feel free to call me at 401.527.6354 or email me at jeff@solidk9training.com

Uma dives in for a toy while Fortune picks up some diving pointers

I think Fortune is having a good time in the water, LOL..it is so great having our pool open year round, swimming is such a great low impact exercise for dogs, it is also great for socializing dogs and as you can see from the shallow end of the pool it starts at about 4 inches and slopes down to 7 feet deep it gives dogs the opportunity that might not want to swim to just wade in the pool.

Holstein who came in the other day is a 12 year old Jack Russell who has this annoying habit of pulling a Cujo on its owners occasionally, we are also noticed that Holstein needs to lose some weight. So with our training boot camp which also highly monitors a dogs diet and exercise not only will Holstein get into great mental health but also physical health.

Holstein working on the PLACE command, the secret to working with all of the dogs is incredible structure, it helps us isolate any behavioral issues and finding triggers to bad behavior. With my training system which combines, Exercise & Nutrition, Household Management, Behavior Modification and Obedience Training, it is so wonderful how dogs can transform in a matter of weeks.

Kishmish checking out what Holstein ass smells like....that is the last time Kishmish does that.

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