New Camera

My POS Canon camera has been used for about 23,000 photos over the last 3 years and it was cracked, scratched and on its last legs..I kept using it since I really did not want to spend the $100 on a new one...then I decided to snoop around on since I get coupons monthly from them...I found a great little POS for under $100.00 that was much nicer than the one I had and I really wanted a camera that was about the size of a cellphone so it would fit into my pocket easily.
I ended up getting the Canon Powershot SSD1200 which I used for the first time yesterday...after taking the first day of photos I realize how badly my other camera's lens was scratched...

Clover and Romy in the play yard deciding who they want to train next..i love how they feel so confident  with so many dogs

Charlie in a downstay while Clover does some distraction sweeping...all of the other dogs are free to walk around which makes it even harder for Charlie to stay in command. He has been doing great

George and Charlie have been really great playmates, running and playing whenever they are not training

Romy hanging out with our distraction walker, the kids love to take turns walking around the dogs with it

Someone has been hoarding all of the outside dog toys...who could it be?

That would be Fortune doing that...interesting...I think TLC has a reality show about hoarding LOL.

Fortune and  Kendall looking for some attention form Romy who keeps walking forward, you can learn so much about dog behavior and how to keep dogs from jumping on you if you watch my kids with the dogs. 

If any one is thinking about adopting a dog not only do I always have dogs for adoption but I am one of the major sponsors of the largest adoption show in the NorthEast. Shelter Dogs Rock we will be adopting out over 600 dogs that weekend.