Awesome Kids

Clover and Romy add so much to the training program at the kennel, they are such a big help just being themselves. They are great distractions while they play on the swing set, they run around the dog yard. No dogs will jump up on them. Even at the young age they are at they project confidence and pack leadership. They also use my training techniques, which is so effective since I do not use food for training. It would be challenging if not dangerous for a young child to use a food based training program with dogs. I love how some folks that like to spread lies about how harsh my training is, 4 year old is being harsh to a 100lb dog..RIGHT

Clover who will be 5yrs old this Sunday has been training dogs for over 2 years and can run the dogs through all of the commands, she can make the proper corrections when needed and is a very confident pack leader

Fortune in a downstay while the  girls go up and down the slide, fast moving children make for a great distraction to solidify commands.

Holstein and Cody wait patiently in line behind Romy to take a turn on the rope swing. It is great to see Cody who is up for adoption get along so great with kids. Cody is about 5 years old and is up for adoption.

I have the girls up on the furniture and work with the dogs so they do not jump up on them. It is important that none of the dogs jump on people and most of the dogs that come to us have jumping issues. Having the girls up high like this will tempt the dogs to jump and it gives us the opportunity to work on eliminating this bad behavior

Clover and Romy have a quick snack of chips and cheese before going out to train more dogs

Notice how Romy tucks her arms into her self when a dog approaches, this will keep Cody from jumping up on her. It is always recommended that children do not run around dogs, so what we do is have the kids run around the play yard and train the dogs not to chase them.