Treadmill fun

I have a client that has one of the most incredibly energetic out of control dogs that I have every met. High HIgh drive GSD who luges and barks at everything moving outside. Whenever I meet dogs like this I always think about all of the dogs that are asked to leave dog training classes. This is one of those dogs that would never make it in the front door. This dogs needs an immediate intervention, we need to get a handle on the energy level of this dog in order to start working on it. So we work on the treadmill with incredible results...

What a happy dog we are creating, this is one of the first times that I have seen this dog focus on something. Treadmill workouts are great for not only exercise but also calming the dogs down and centering the energy of a dog.

Layna the Rotti just came in...she is in for some therapy dog training and is doing well...she gets along with all of the dogs and is building confidence each day.

After our 3rd session 2 dogs that the owners never thought would be able to actually control in public are actually doing some great Starbucks training. The dogs are not allowed to be reactive to any of the people walking around, the traffic going by, and I use Uma as a great distraction and brings great energy to the training.