Happy Birthday Clover!!!

Sunday was Clovers birthday, she is 5 years old and had a wonderful little birthday party. I had a booked solid day with on the road clients as well as kennel dogs. I was able to switch  my day around alot so I could be at her party for a little bit though.

does anyone else think this cake looks like a bachelor party reject cake of a blonde jumping out of a cake? or is it me..

Big shout out to the folks at LaSalle Bakery, one of my clients, who put this together for me.

Had a great time accomplishing some training goals of a client, when I first started working with them they wanted to be able to take there dog off leash to the beach..so what did we do, we went to Goddard Park yesterday and did some off leash training on the beach as well as in the woods.

The chocolate lab belongs to my client..i brought 3 dogs and we had a great time..there was about 12 other dogs that we ran into during the hour and all of the dogs did great..always came back when called, acted very polite with all of the dogs they came accross

This is the best reward there is...I love it when people hear that I don't use food as a reward, it baffles them, they will say.."well what motivates your dog to do what you want" obviously those other trainers have never taken there dogs off leash to run in the ocean, to always come back when called, to unleash the true spirit in your dog. Most dog trainers will never understand my holistic approach to dog training since they are stuck inside their 4 walls of life. The world is my classroom.