Pregnant Bitch is in the House!!!!

No Linda is not having our 7th child LOL...

Last week I got a call from a certain town animal control that had a pregnant dog that was going to be put down since that town does not have a shelter for the dog and the dog had bitten another dog etc...The other option would be to terminate the pregnancy of the dog then spay her  and try to adopt her out. So I decided to adopt her have her deliver the puppies and then properly raise them as puppies should be in a family environment and then I will be adopting them out...looks like 8 puppies are in her..I am going to set up a video cam so all of you can see the birth as well as the first month of their life.

She is very friendly and even tempered, she is always happy to see humans, we have not put her with other dogs yet, and may not until after the delivery of the puppies.

Her nails were really long and this morning I cut them with no problem..she was also tied to a tree with a chain and her neck shows the wounds from her neck area is very sensitive..

We will be moving her out of our kennel and into our house this week, we will make a nice welping area for her with a heat lamp, lots of blankets and some nice soothing music. I will have an online diary of what we do each day with the puppies since  every day is so important in the life of the dogs future.

Holstein in a downstay while George puts in the miles on the treadmill, Clover and Romy hanging out playing with dolls. They love working with Keeley in the basement,

I brought 6 dogs to Goddard Park and we went to the beach and walked in the woods and had an AWESOME time in the rain..i don't want to hear about how bad the weather is and how no one can get out with their dogs..we spent 1 hour in the  pouring rain playing in the ocean, the sand and the was awesome.

More fun in the sand, and to answer the question that everyone is my van does not smell like apple pie, it smells like stink, wet dog ass and I LOVE IT!!!!  makes me feel alive..

Remember, dogs that shit together shtick together.

To me this is praise, this is a reward for working hard. This is why my idea of a treat for a dog, running off leash at the beach, always coming back when you call your dog back to you. Unleashing the true spirit in you and your dog.