Pumping Out

We have a name for our new pregnant rescue dog, her name is Big Mama, she will be giving birth in a couple of weeks and I will have the puppies available the first week of June or so. She has been doing great. She is building up great confidence with all of the other dogs and is always happy to see us. She is a very gentle dog and her nice temperment should pass down to her pups.

Big Mama is checking out the new mode of transportation for Rhode Island for the next week or so.

We had about 3-4 inches of rain in the basement this week from the storm which is weird since we live so high up in Providence, the only pump we have is a submersible pump that we use to empty out the swimming pool if we need to.It does not do well in only  a few inches of water. So along with a wet vac I was able to put together an efficient water removal system.

I had a 30 gallon trash can that I put the submersible pump into that had a hose leading outside, and then the wet vac on top of the table, the wet vac only took about 2 minutes to fill up which would have been a big pain in the ass to keep rolling outside and emptying out each time. So when the wet vac was filled I would............

open up the drain of the wet vac and the water goes into the trash can..

Last night I got all of the water out of the basement, then this morning it was back...not sure where it is coming in from. We are up really high in Providence.

Dont forget you can go on to the FEMA website www.disasterassistance.gov to start filling out forms to get help.

Flood or no flood the dogs don't care and they need to be trained, everyone is working maximum hours this week as we are booked solid.

Leyna in a downstay in the kitchen while Romy hangs out and eats a snack..Leyna's owners want to use her as a therapy dog, so she is getting some pretty intense training.

Holly who has a habit of nipping kids that are at face level with her. Learns to be face level with kids...Holly was telling some farm jokes and the one about the pig and chickens cracked up Clover.

Holstein in Place as well as Kaiser...Kaiser is about 18 weeks old and at this time can be left in the kitchen on his own without peeing or pooping in the kitthen. Kaiser is Linda's new puppy and has had incredible structure to his life. He is making great progress....