FEMA- are you there?

Went online to fill out my FEMA applications for reimbursement of expenses, the cleanup of the basement is going to start adding up. We will also have to rip down all of the paneling and wooden studs to prevent mold. The application is seamless and only takes a few minutes, for anyone else that needs to do it. You will need soc sec# of all occupants of your house as well as the name of your insurance company.Other than that you should be able to easily fill it out.

Doing some great down/stay training with distractions on Thayer street. Uma also helps out with the training. What we do is put the dogs in a downstay and then I call Uma to me, my clients dog does has to stay in a down/stay, this is awesome training for her dog. Keep in mind that we never even say STAY to the dogs, once we say DOWN it is implied that STAY is built in.

Working on the PLACE command in my kitchen, George is working with Coco and Kaiser my wifes 2 chihuahua's, he is on his 3red week with us and has calmed down so much..he is finally maturing and the commands are sticking with him.

downstays in the front hallway, the kids love it when we train the dogs in the house..they get to show them their toys and get to run around in their PJ's.

Clover got this fishing game for her birthday Sunday, I have her set it up in front of the dogs and it creates a great distraction for them.
Alot of the work we do is distraction work, it only takes minutes to train a dog to do a down, it is the down/stay with distractions that takes time and needs to be worked on constantly.

this was my pack on Blackstone Blvd last night...we did a quick 3 miles, this was mile 8 of the day for these dogs. one of the great things about being so busy at the kennel. I can have all of my staff on for lots of hours and all dogs get more training and exercising than usual.

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