Yes I work on Sunday, and what a day it is.

Today all of the staff wanted the day off, I also did not schedule any on the road clients today, I figured it would be a good day to just work the kennel dogs easy and catch up on some things, I am still pumping out the basement 2 times a keeps filling up with water.....oh well...until the water table lowers it looks like it will be an issue. Our house was built in 1903 and the house has never had an issue with water in the basement.

Big Mama gave birth to her puppies this I am writing this there is 7 out so far..she is doing a great job with them. Clover and Romy are having a great time helping her out. They are in the whelping area with her..making sure all the puppies get some boobies.

3 of the pups out and eating well

This is one of my clients dogs..she learned how to do a downstay 5 minutes prior to taking this picture. With my methods of training dogs understand what we want them to without the use of food or bribery. It is a holistic approach to dog training and communicates with the dogs in a primal way.

Heeling between Max and Uma, they are great distractions for all of my clients dogs.

Holly who is in for a 2 week boot camp has never lived with children before and tends to get a little mouthy with them, her family is expecting kids very shortly and needs to be immersed in Clove and Romy land in order to learn to not be reactive with the kids.

Leyna in a downstay while Romy plays in the dogs play yard.

Clover laughing at Holsteins jokes, he always tells her stories of his grandfather who was in charge of killing the mice on a farm in Ohio, he is such a story teller

Once Holstein starts telling Clover "your mama" jokes Clover just loses it..

Clover and Romy love to help during feeding time for the kennel dogs..they take turns bringing the dogs their food

still only 6 puppies out...should be 2 more coming..i will keep everyone up to date