The puppies are here!!!!!!!!

Big Mama delivered her pupples yesterday...Looks like only 6 were born. When I adopted her 2 weeks ago, they thought that she may have 8 pups in her...she is not in distress and is quite comfortable...She did of nicest things to see is the way she is around all of the humans especially the kids. They are spending a good amount of time in her welping area with her stroking the pups and her and talking to her. Clover and Romy make sure that she has enough food and water and she is comfortable. If any of the pups are too far away from a nipple the kids will pick up the pups and place them next to Big Mama.

Big Mama with all 6 of her healthy pups..they are all nice and plump and warm. All moving around and eating well.

The Clover and Romy helping out with Big Mama. I am so proud of the girls for helping out. They amaze me at the kindness that they have. Already they have such a strong work ethic. They spend a good amount of the day helping with dogs. They love the interaction with them. this is the first litter of puppies that they have worked with .

Romy counting the pups first thing in the morning to see if another one was born overnight..nope still just 6 of them.
Today we move out the blankets so the pups do not get smothered by them. We had them in during the delivery to make Big Mama as comfortable as possible.

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