This morning when Clover was sitting in the welping area with Big Mama and her puppies I told her that she might get up and start barking at our other dogs who sleep in our sun room which is on the other side of the sliding door. When she does that I explained to Clover that it was our responsibility to tell the dogs to stay away.

Behind the curtain is our 4 season sunporch which we turned into a kennel for my personal dogs. Even though we keep the curtain closed and the sliding door closed Big Mamma stills freaks a little when she hears dogs in there.

Yesterday morning I hear Clover yelling, "leave us alone, leave us alone!!!!" I run in to see what is going on and Big Mamma and Clover are standing at the door and Clover is telling the dogs to go away. She turned to me and told me that she was protecting the puppies since it is our job to protect them since we are pack leaders...I don't know where she gets this stuff from...

The first 2 weeks of the puppies lives are so important..the handling of the dogs by the kids will create a lifelong confidence in them that can be replaced with any kind of training. moving them around different sounds, different temperatures. The scientific data also suggests that puppies that experience stress at this age will have better coping skills later in life and not be so reactive to situations and have better calming skills.

These 6 puppies will be raised the first 8 weeks of there life to be strong confident dogs, something that is missing in all dogs from pet stores and most breeders. They will not have any fancy papers or prices but they will grow to be incredible dogs.

Zoe on the way to a pack walk...likes to ride shotgun..also likes to stay away from the other dogs....

3 of my clients in great matter what breed or needs to learn a good downstay with or without the water view