Puppies are growing

Big Mamma is doing a great job of taking care of her puppies and Clover is being a big help....she has a good routine with Big Mamma, making sure she has food and water, helps change the bedding and also spends time with each puppy petting them and making sure they have human contact. Big Mamma trusts her as well.

Big Mamma has started coming out of her welping area to sleep and Clover makes sure that her bedding is clean

Clover giving some of the puppies some human time while Big Mama checks in on her, Clover is Big Mamma's little helper..she will always arrange the puppies .

Clover helps the pups get access to the boobies, after...Big Mamma is so patient with all of the humans in the house..she is so proud of the job she is doing

I  had a dog surrendered to me. It is a small pit, out of control and dog aggressive..so the first thing we did was cut the dogs nails..one of the things that is a pet peeve of mine..dogs with toe nails too long. It is uncomfortable for them to walk and I always how much walking they get if they are super long anyway.

This is Babies first dog/dog interaction since she came to me a couple of days ago. She was out in the yard just for a few minutes..I let her do some proper greetings and then. We put her back into the kennel..we will continue to do small greetings with other dogs so she can better understand dog/dog communication. The biggest issue sometimes is that dogs fail to understand how to properly communicate with other dogs and then it turns into a fight. the dogs that I have her with are all good greeters.