Clover and Romy raising puppies

Clover and Romy are doing a great job of raising the new puppies. Big Mamma loves how they help her and she will always get out of the kids way when they want to pick up the puppies.

This will be one of many litters that Clover and Romy help raise..this is our first litter for my rescue. After this one though I will have the full confidence in rescuing other pregnant dogs.

It looks like we have 6 female puppies, if you are interested a puppy you should contact me. I will have a application for you to fill out and I will most likely do a home visit. First priority will go to any of my current clients that are looking for another dog. The puppies will be ready the first week of June 2010. They are going to be incredible dogs being raised by myself and my kids, well socialized with both humans and other dogs. They will all be very confident dogs that will have been exposed to many distractions, already be waiting at thresholds, waiting for food, on the way to housebreaking and understand that children and humans are not dogs but pack leaders.

Just a quick video of the kids with Big Mamma and her puppies.