Lots of activiity

Big transition week...5 dogs left this past weekend and another 5 came in...we have never been so busy at the kennel, which is great for all of the dogs to be able have so many different temperments of dogs to be around in a training situation. It is also great to see how dogs come in the first couple of days and have unstable energy and after 36 hours or so the energy changes and the dogs buy into my training system.

This is Smokey, who has a little bit of a "I want to bite your face off" issue. Putting a muzzle on him is a fun project. I have some great video of his first day and I am expecting great things from him. I can't wait for all of the clicker/treat people to tell me how I am doing this all wrong. This is a dog that most people would never work with as soon as he shows his teeth. Let alone try to bite your face off.

Another new dog that just came in is Jake, who is rocking the Place command.

Clover helping out with training. Leya in a down/stay and Baby in Place, Baby the brindle dog is up for adoption. She was surrendered to us last week and is going through a 2 week boot camp first.

Leyna in a downstay while Clover goes up and down the slide. Leyna is on a Therapy Dog track with me.

Leyna and Uma having a nice conversation over who is going to end up with the pool toy

Follow the leader around the pool, Uma, Max and Leyna walk the perimeter looking for the best place to jump in.

Uma, just jump in and get the toy.....

Great job Uma, the cover comes off the pool this week, at least that is the plan, all depends on the weather. It should be quite easy to take down and store and mark all of the pieces so next year it will go up like a big puzzle.