Lots of pictures

Its been crazy 16 hours days for us lately, we just hired another kennel person to help us keep up with all of the training and care of the dogs on the property. Each dog has so many special requirements and when we get dogs with aggression issues in I am the only one that can work with them since the likely hood of getting bitten is just about 100% and yes this week I have been getting bit alot.

Jake who came to us from Fall River has been doing great with his down/stays...he has come such a long way with us in less than a week...

With Clover going up and down the slide making lots and lots of noise, Jake stays in a rock solid down/stay...

Jake takes what he has learned and puts it into practical application of doing a wonderful downstay at Starbucks with tons of distractions, birds on the ground eating crumbs, dogs walking buy, busses and cars going by. Lots of people moving around and Jake loves to do his downstay.

Clover and Romy love it when all of the flower petals fall off the trees...Jake is doing great ignoring them as they run around

Romy decides to put flower petals on Jakes head, Jake has learned so much patience with the kids. He is a model board and train student. If he does not understand what we want from him, he learns quick and sticks to it. He loves the structure, he is building up his confidence with the other dogs, and learning the skills in order to go back home and be a great part of his pack.

Smokey and Tugi having a great time in the play yard..Smokey is the dog that tries to rip our face off...He is starting to turn the corner of success.. It will take some time with him though..he has some deep seeded issues that need to be peeled away like the layers of an onion.

During free time all of the dogs love to play...some of the the best training that we can do is to put Smokey in a calm and stable pack and it is working

I hooked up the misting area for the summer and the girls could not wait to run into it. The dogs love it..they will lay underneath it when they are hot...combination of shade and misting water

the energy we try to achieve on our property every day...keep in mind that there is 10 dogs all around Romy...watching her have fun...she is such a strong pack leader...her existence is amazing

Piper and Kendall love to play with each other..

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