Puppies are 2 weeks old

The puppies are doing really well. They are 2 weeks old today and all very plump. Big Mamma has started spending more time out of the welping area and resting on the floor. She is very attentive but also always lets us do anything we want with them.

Since we are going into week 3 we will start bringing the puppies out of the welping area 5 minutes at a time separately to start experience stress. There is some wonderful studies that show that puppies put into a stressed situation from 3-5 weeks of age do much better with coping skills later in life. The training we do in the next 2 weeks will help determine the life long temperment of the dog.

We will expose the puppies to both heat and cold, we will rock the dogs, play different volumes of music, (classic rock of course) maybe with some Lady GaGa thrown in. Flashing lights, intensive handling of the whole body, rocking back and forth as well as putting the dog on different surfaces to experience.

The puppy with the white on her chest spends alot of time on her back, she is very confident and also seems to be comfortable by herself. Some of the puppies have started opening up there eyes. All are crawling around and all are starting to become more confident.

2 of the new dogs that I have joined my pack walk and are enjoying the pack training, it is a great weay to have a dog be comfortable and learn skills that us as humans cannot tell dogs.

I often get calls if I do boarding only, up until this month I have chosen not to. We put so much work into the dogs and have only limited space for board and train dogs. I have decided to hire more staff for the kennel and with that I have also decided to do a board only program. I will be limited to only 1 or 2 dogs at a time on this since my kennel is almost always full with board and train dogs. What the dogs get is lots of play time out of the kennel in a great setting. So where most kennels have dogs inside for 23 plus hours a day, your dog will get to play with other dogs during 7am-7pm and have a great time.

Piper, who is with me for boarding spends the day outside in the play yard and also gets to play with me kids

Molly and Piper love hanging out with the kids during play time