Week 3 of a puppies life

This is the start of week 3 of the puppies life and we are working on helping build an incredible baseline temperament for them to succeed in future life. This week we will put them in situations that will put them in a stressful situation in order to deal with stress later in life in an awesome way.

Romy working the puppy in front of a fan to teach them how to deal with stress..this week we will put them in front of a cold fan, a warm heater, have loud noises around them as well as the usual touching them all over and applying vibration to them.  They are starting to use all 4 of their legs as well as open up their eyes.

Every puppy is spending time on her own, outside the welping area..getting used to being separated from the pack in order to be confident dogs...yes we do this at 3 weeks old. When they are calm and quiet we put them back into the pack. Big Mamma has also stopped running to them when they whine as long as we are there. She is on the same page as us and it is wonderful...

Clover and Romy always put in fresh newspaper for the puppies, they love helping out with raising of them....

Buddy one of my clients does a rock solid down/stay while waiting in line at a cafe

This is from last nights pack walk, 4 of these dogs have a history of major biting of humans, they have all come a long way with training. Last nights walk was nice..though they were all on a 6 way split leash I did not have to hold onto the leash for most of the 3 miles. They stayed in great formation for most of the walk. Can you see the happiness in the dogs faces? This is what owning a dog is all about, proper pack structure, exercise and respect of the pack leader (me). This is better than the most yummy treat you can give your dog. So give your dog the love it deserves and take it for a proper walk today.