Clover and Romy make dog training easier

I am not sure how many hours Clover and Romy spend help training dogs each day. I do know that they are not sitting down watching TV when they are doing it, so this is a good thing as we see more and more children spending good parts of the day watching TV and eating sugary foods.

They have started reading books to the puppies since they know that the puppies like to hear their voices. Singing songs and reading books, what a great way to spend time interacting with the new puppies in the house.

One of Clovers favorites to read to the puppies is "The Poky Little Puppy" all of the puppies make such great listeners and stay nice and calm while she reads.

Romy and Clover give Big Mamma some parenting advice wikth one of the puppies. Big Mamma listens to Romy since Romy and Clover are pack leaders and Big Mamma has huge amount of respect for them. If anyone is looking for an incredible dog Big Mamma will be up for adoption in a couple of months and her puppies will be up for adoption the first week of June. These will be some of the most incredible dogs around. No they won't have any fancy papers, NO they won't have incredible bloodlines, NO they won't be purebreed, but they will have been raised the first 8 weeks of their life in an incredible training environment that will make them incredible dogs.

While Big Mamma was out of the whelping area the kids decided to bring her all of the puppies to start feeding.

Romy and Clover out in the play yard with Bam and Piper, Piper is a boarding only dog, but still gets to spend the day outside in the play yard with the other dogs. I have recently started a boarding only program which is available only if I have an empty kennel this way I can stay at 100% occupancy and keep my 5 staff members working as many hours as I can.

Zach, one of my assistant trainers, pushing Romy on the swing as a distraction for Baby, she was surrendered to me 2 weeks ago and is ready for adoption.

Roca and Kaiser love hanging out together. Kaiser is one of Linda's and is only 6lbs. Kaiser is such a stable dog and loves to play with all of the dogs on the property.