Off leash Training

Outdoor excursions are one of the best things about working with dogs...Max and Uma always go with me to clients so they can help train dogs. They have so many purposes for my training, they can help dogs with recall training, act as great distractions and  with dog aggressive dogs they do a great job of just doing a rock solid downstay while clients dogs lunge and bark at them over and over again.

Today at Hope High School Max and Uma after running hard while I work on off leash Recall training with a client

A great way to train other dogs how to swim is for them to watch Max and Uma swim....this is at Goddard Park yesterday

Max and Uma running on the beach...I work on off leash recall at the beach and at parks training program puts dogs on the path for unleashing the true spirit inside each dog

Max and Uma at one of my clients in Fall River..

Clover and Romy love doing distraction training, Bernard is in a downstay while the girls swing over him.

the puppies who are in their 3rd week of life, they have started to sit up and crawl around..

Clover and Romy give each puppy time outside the whelping area..