Where have I been?

I am at the Hartford CT Shelter Dogs Rock Expo helping get 600 plus dogs adopted. It is one of the largest dog adoption events in the country. I am doing lots and lots of dog demos and helping people with dog training questions. I am one of the major sponsors of the event and it is great to see so many dogs go to so many good homes.

The huge line to get into the event....

After helping evaluate the GSD in the photo, I was convinced that after a few weeks of training the dog would make a great match with this family.

Getting kids to get involved with my obedience demo's is a big part of what I do.

We moved the puppies and Big Mamma out of the library and into a new area. The puppies were starting to climb  out of the welping area and we needed to keep them contained in another area. Clover and Romy help move the puppies to the new area.

My outdoor sunroom is were alot of my personal dogs sleep so we gave that space to Big Mamma and the puppies for 4 more weeks. This wasy we can hose down the area daily without any problem.

2 of our boarding dogs hanging out in the play yard

Keep in mind that my upcoming dog seminar is just around the corner, tickets are available online by clicking the countdown banner on the right side of the screen.