Progress is always being made

Every day we make progress with dogs, whether it is a dog that has a high level of aggression or just needs to learn how to do basic commands, the most rewarding part of life with dogs is being able to communicate with them. I find that with my method of training I am able to communicate with a dog in a very short period of time and then once that bridge is crossed learning never ends you will have a dog that wants to just keep learning.

Uma pays attention to a little girl at the adoption event this past weekend, she was explaining to Uma that they have some really great dog toys down the aisle and she should check them out. Uma was trying to explain to her that she was in the PLACE command and that she could not leave her mat until Jeff told her she could.

Uma and I taking a break at the local Target store after the 2nd day of the adoption event.

Baby and Attikus doing a rock solid downstay while Clover goes up and down the slide, Baby is a dog that I rescued and is up for adoption. she is an incredible dog, a little bit of issues with other dogs but we are working through those.

The puppies have started eating dog food..and no we don't use puppy food, we take Taste of the Wild, soak it in water and feed the dogs 4 times a day with the food. We keep them away from Big Mamma for an hour prior to meal time. Starting next week we will feed each do separately in order to start implementing our "waiting for food" training.

Clover showing off her latest dog bite.

Loki who is about 19 weeks old is at the bottom of the pile, all of the dogs love to pick on her and Loki loves it...she is doing great and is coming to the end of her 2 week board and train

All the dogs in the play yard taking a nice water is getting hot outside and all of the dogs love the misting area of the yard.