Puppy pictures

The puppies are growing and growing every day and they will be ready for adoption. Clover and Romy are doing a great job of taking care of them. Today we moved the kiddie pool out of their area since they kept climbing out of it. We also put up a barrier between the puppies and big mama so she could have some alone time and we can start weaning the puppies and getting them on regular dog food.

Clover and Romy start taking the puppies out of the pool so they can move the pool out of the puppy kennel

Romy moves them out one by one

Puppies in the new area without the swimming pool to climb out of ...notice the white gate at the bottom of the picture, this will keep Big Mamma and the puppies seperated when needed.

Happy is little puppies and little kids

and Big Mamma can have some quite time without the puppies

outside play has started for the puppies, they are having such a great time with life

Healthy puppy play is a part of their day

Look who is up for adoption. puppy number 2 is quite comfortable out in the world. All 6 of the puppies have great temperment, and all puppies are very comfortable in their own skin, very social and surrounded by dogs and people.