Happy Mothers Day!

Happy Mothers day to all of my readers and clients, it has been an incredible week and we are getting ready for my upcoming seminar. All of the puppies are doing so well and will be ready for adoption soon. I am also willing to keep the puppies for a little longer if someone wants me to continue on with the crate training and basic obedience training..

All of the puppies spend a couple of hours a day outside enjoying the outside world.

We work dogs all around the puppies so they can be exposed to as many different distractions as possible. This is Syrah in a a great downstay. Syrah is a product of the adoption event last week. A beautiful GSD which a family adopted and then came directly to me for a 2 week board and train and then will go back to his new family and be living on a wine vineyard in CT.

Syrah and Remy working hard, we often work dogs together but put them in different commands so they can pay attention to the trainers.

3 of my clients dogs working on off leash beach work, notice how the 2 yorkies are leashed together. This helps at the start of off leash work when one of the dogs is better at recall than the other.

Max and Uma swim in the ocean out to the rock...they love working with clients at the beach.

Attikas in my kitchen in the PLACE command while we eat dinner.