Happy Mothers Day part 2

Lots of photos taken today on Mothers Day, after a few clients this morning the dogs had a little time off this afternoon for lots and lots of play time.

Syrah and Remy played all afternoon, they did not stop all day. Remy was covered in dirt at the end of the day.

Atticus in Place while Romy reads and books and Clover plays a game on the computer...

Romy hanging out with the pack...she loves to run around the play yard with the dogs

Syrah and Remy love to play tug with the dog toys...we always allow tug between dog/dog and never between human and dog.

Clover helps lift up the food bowls after dinner time

Wylie who just came in for a 3 week boot camp got tired after just a little bit of play.

the puppies have a great time running around the play area with the kids

Clover and Romy run around with the puppies and help build up the dogs confidence

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