All in a day

From the minute I wake up at 5am til I go to bed around midnight, my life is filled with dogs. It is so interesting how I spend my many different dogs and so many different families. The shelter dogs that I am working with are all doing great and I have many dogs up for adoption. The puppies are exploring the world around them and are all eating solid food in addition to nourishment from Big Mamma. They go outside in a pen for up to 4 hours each day and around many loud distractions to desensitize them to the crazy world around us.

I got a call from someone the other night about a dog that was in their car that they could not get out. It had just come back from the vet, was still muzzled and woke up from the meds and was acting extremely aggressive. They needed me to get the dog out of the car, get it into the house and remove its muzzle. NICE!!!! I jumped into my van and came right over...

Keep in mind that this dog was in the car for 5 hours and its own owner could not get it out...I can't wait to hear all of the comments about how I should have bribed it to come out for all of the other "dog experts" I assure all of you would have shit your pants if you had to work with this 100plus pound dog, trying to bite your face off...

After getting the dog out of the car, I had to remove the muzzle and then also release the dog, this without getting was done successfully .

Doing off leash heeling and recall training with one of my clients, this was our 5th session together. Yes I took a untrained dog and within 5 hours the dog not only knows all of its basic commands but it also can do off leash heeling and do a 100% recall out in the real world.

What is the difference between myself and other trainers, well the world is my classroom, and other trainers,well..the classroom is the classroom. Just because your dog listens to you inside a dog training class. That has nothing to do with the real world.

Wylie doing a downstay with a audience of puppies in the background. The wonderful thing about our facility is that the puppies get to see so many different dogs and are going to be so incredibly social with dogs for the rest of their lives.

I new dog just came into the kennel, she has a slightly bad habit of biting people, she is also a very nervous dog and lacks self confidence so we will increase her level of comfort with the world and get the biting under control.

Clover supervises Big Mamma in the play yard, Clover has a special bond with Big Mamma and is her pack leader. She always has her best interest in mind and has no problem telling her what to do.

on the way back from Lincoln last night I stopped by Chace Farm and had Uma and havce some fun in the pond. People always ask me since I don't give my dog treats how do I show love to my dogs....hello! do I need to write 1000 words or does the picture speak for themselves.

Uma is always the first one in the pool and gets the best pool toys. this week we are getting rid of all of the shrubs and mulch around the pool and have a new concrete apron put in. this way the dogs can stop getting so much dirt into the pool