To the Winery

One of the dogs that was adopted out at the Shelter Dogs Rock Adoption event and then went directly to a 2 week board and train at my kennel went home yesterday. Syrah is a 18month old GSD who had 5 homes before he was adopted out. It is incredible what a little bit of training can do. I am so happy for Syrah and her owners. Her new owners own a winery in CT and she will have an incredible new life.

Syrah relaxing in her new front yard, she also has a huge lake in her back yard.

Bianca who arrived this week is in need of a good amount of weight loss as well as training, since she is overweight we are teaching her how to swim in order to have a lower impact on her body than long walks. She is also going on more frequent shorter training walks.

Boomer who at 6 months old has no training and with us for some basic training.

Uma always comes to me to my clients and helps me with distraction training, Bowser is an 11 month old dog and we are working on distraction training with downstay.

Clover and Romy help Brigitte bring out the puppies to the play yard

Uma loves to jump into the pool after the pool toys..if you notice the new concrete at the back of the picture, we removed alot of the landscaping and put in a concrete apron around 2 sides of the pool, it makes much more sense since the dogs were going between the dirt and the pool. We have lots of new projects lined up for the property this summer.

Lizzy and Syrah working on a downstay on the wet pavers, we make sure that we train dogs on all different surfaces in order for them to understand the commands and always do them no matter what the elements are.

Bianca says goodbye to Syrah, who went home about an hour after this picture was taken.

Boomer who needs a lot of help with his social skills is spending alot of time outside with other dogs so he can learn the proper way to interact with other dogs.