Nice and Mean

Today was such a nice day and all of the dogs had a great time out in the yard and pool, Sunday is a low key day where the dogs don't have to do as much training and have more down time or free time and we always go swimming. I am so proud of the dogs that are doing a great job swimming, especially Bianca who I believe never swam before, has found a new love. She loves to jump into the pool and fetch balls. It is so good for her since she came to us overweight and out of shape...

Romy and Clover give Bianca some swimming pointers

this is Harley and his happy face, one of the most aggressive and angry dogs that I have had the opportunity to work with. He came in today and it should be interesting.

the girls help plant a veggie and herb garden yesterday. They will have fresh ingredients for making pizzas and they are quite excited.

All of the puppies have been weaned off of Big Mamma and sleep in individual crates. I am doing my best to crate train them before they get adopted. So far so good. Each of the dogs is doing well sleeping by themselves.