It is HOT!!!!!!

It is so hot outside and we still have to train in all weather, the dogs get to spend lots of time in the swimming pool. The kennel is full and I have a few dogs for adoption that  I will get up on the next posting...if you are thinking of adopting a dog you should be adopting for me. I have some great dogs that would make great family pets.

Clover loves swimming with the dogs, Toby and Roca cool off in the pool.

Romy and Clover love all of the intense interaction of the pool, there is some dynamic  energy that happens in the pool as all of the dogs jockey for dog toys and some of the dogs will jump into the water and swim for the toys and others try to use primal energy to get the dogs to turn away from the toys..

We moved the puppies to my dogs area, I had to get them off of the grass since they were ruining it. This way we can hose down the area multiple times a day and then they also get socialized with lots of other dogs.

A new dog came in this week and there is some nice little issues, so we start with the basics and the place command will come in handy.

3 is never a crowd. as Wylie and Hak do a downstay and Bianca is in Place

Kaiser and Fabianne enjoy the warm weather and lounge outside all 7 pounds of them..that is the combined weight

max and uma go swim in the ocean after working with a client..