E-Collars are Mean, LOL

Today I had a client that we are working on off leash work with, in particular off leash recall at the beach. When you take your dog to the beach you want your dog to be off leash but we also have to know they will come back 100% of the time. There is no other training system other than ECollar training. A remote training collar allows us to truly bring out the true spirit.

Not only was my clients dog Mollie able to do a rock solid 100% recall, but she also learned to swim today.

Mollie stays with her owner until she is told to go play and then Mollie will go play with my dogs..

Just having Mollie go into the water this far was a huge success, the great thing about Max and Uma is, they teach so many dogs so many things

Mollie jumped out of the ocean at the start of the training

After a few minutes Max got her to swim with him. It was such a magical moment.

Clover also loves to swim with dogs.

If you are interested in learning more about E-Collar training feel free to give me a call or email