Dogs and Horses

I have so many unique clients that I work with and I always love working on farms with dogs, I have a great client that I am working with the dog on basic obedience and we have started to work on training the dog so it can go to her farm and be a great farm dog, this means it has to do rock solid commands around all of the animals, this is important as not to stress the animals on the farm out.

It is important that Chase stays in a sit/stay at the moment so he can learn his calming skills around the horses.

Clover loves to help train dogs, here she is working on recall with Bianca, Clover follows my training program by saying "Bianca, HERE!" and Bianca comes over to her.

Clover is an incredible 5 year old. She understands the concept of being a pack leader, she understands my training system and has grown up with it. Clover can walk through the dog yard with 10 dogs and no dog would ever jump on her. The energy that comes out of her is incredible. I am so very proud of her for understanding the thinking behind being a great pack leader.

Romy and Clover love to dance in the misting area of the play yard, not the most sophisticated of misting areas. We hang a hose from a tree with a misting attachment on it and it runs all day on hot days for the dogs.

Bianca grabs the Chicken Bride before Toby has a chance to get it and brings it in. The chicken Bride lasted all of 1 day...I don't suggest anyone purchase these, they are not a very practical toy. We always look for good pool toys for the dog and go through a lot of them. Our toy budget fort the month is around $250.00 and the dogs do a good job breaking the budget each month.