My awesome staff

Catherine works for me in my office and she also produces my radio show, she does everything but work with dogs. One of the best things about her is how she interacts with my kids and the positive role model that she is. Clover and Romy love hanging around her and interacting with her.

Clover tries to push Catherine into the swimming pool.

Looks like that did not work out, as Clover ends up into the pool as well. Catherine gives Clover so much confidence around the pool.

All of the puppies get a chance to go swimming and they love it, we are teaching the puppies so much before they get adopted out.

Look who is still up for adoption. The puppies are ready to go to new homes, if anyone is interested you can contact me at

We do vet office training with all of the dogs on the property, we simulate the dogs going to the vet office.