Who let the puppies out?

The puppies are doing well with their training and all of the socialization with other dogs. They go out into the play yard a few times a day with my pack and learn about dog body language and communicating with other dogs, this will be so important in the future when they interact with other dogs in life.

The puppies are having a great time running around the play yard building up their social skills, building up confidence.

Kendall and one of the puppies play with a tug toy.

Max will go around the play yard and keep the puppies in check. He does a great job of keeping them out of trouble.

Kendall loves running around with the puppies and they all learn so much from her.

Decklyn in a down/stay in the play yard while all of the other dogs get to run around, this teaches Decklyn proper dog/dog manners as well as focusing on her obedience commands with high levels of distraction around.

Decklyn doing a down/stay in one of the 2 misting areas. She has a fine mist of water constantly raining down on her. It would be a natural for her to want to move out of the way. This really starts building up solid commands.

Lucky, who came to us from the Monroe CT SPCA for some rehab and training, had the little issue of wanting to bite everything that got in her way, is having a great time with Clover and Romy. It has been such a great change in her energy and her training.