I was able to take some nice headshot photos of the dogs today. We take about 100 photos a day on my property. I do my best to get photos up each night on my blog so all of my clients and see them. From the emails I get from people all over the world that follow my blog, that tell me how happy it makes them to see pictures of the dogs especially interacting with my kids.

Hemingway is up from NYC for a 3 week board and train, he is an Irish Wolfhound, such a great dog

Jake, who was surrendered to me and may be up for adoption in the future.

Marlo is just a puppy and loves to run and play with all of the dogs, he always gets all of the dogs running around the play yard.

All of the dogs then pile up on top  of him, even the 2 puppies. All of the puppies that I am adopting out play with the adult dogs, they are being socialized incredibly well.

Rocco, Kishmish and Beau work on downstays. Each dog works on every obedience command each day with different trainers so they understand the commands that we are giving them.