New Staff member

Most people only know me since I am the only one that goes to peoples houses and does the dog training. Back at my kennel though I have a staff of 8 that keeps everything going. From cleaning kennels, to teaching dogs how to swim, to working on all of the dogs basic commands it takes an amazing crew to run my kennel 24/7/365.

One of my new staff members is Kassie. She is a kennel work and training assistant at the board and train kennel.

Kassie Carlson
Age: 21
Hometown: Cape Cod

A recent graduate of Simmons College in Arts Administration and Music,
Kassie enjoys hiking with her dog, biking and making music with her
friends.   Other hobbies include fishing, travel and drawing.  She
owns a two year old pit bull named Dutchess who was rescued nearly a
year ago from the MSPCA in Boston.  A classical violinist since the
age of five, she also plays in two bands and various side projects.
In the future, Kassie would like to be involved in the fields of art,
music and animal therapy.

If you look closely you will see Missy who is a rescue dog from the South Kingston Animal Shelter and I have been rehabbing her. She went on a 3 mile off leash walk through the woods with Max and Uma and a clients dogs. Came back to me every single time I called her. Which was about 12 times during the walk. She is making incredible strides with her training and she is up for adoption.