Pouring the cement

If you recall we had a new cement apron put around our pool to replace the landscaping. We were so happy with the guy that did the job we decided to give him some more work. So we had him do some stamped concrete work.

Colin and his crew do a great job, clean, quick and a great price.

we put in some drainage in order to make sure we can keep up with the constant cleaning of my personal dog area.

Colin makes a little concrete pad for the girls to put their handprints into

Tonights 3.5 mile power walk included Kaiser our 5lb 8 month old male chihuahua came along. Yes a small dog can keep up with the big dogs. so stop making excuses and go walk your dogs. All shapes and sizes need lots of exercise

Jonathon one of my training assistants works Rocco on the vet/grooming table. This is standard training for all of our board and train clients.

not sure if this is Cookie or Bella, but she is in a great sit/stay working with Stephanie

when a family that is thinking of getting a dog needs to have their kids acclimated to dogs, our play yard makes a great training ground for kids.