More new staff

Last month we did a big hiring of staff for the board and train kennel. We were fortunate enough to hire Jonathan, who just graduated college and has a huge passion for dog training. While going to college he worked at a doggy daycare and fully understands dog/dog communication which is so important with the role he has at SK9T.


Name: Jonathan Ricciardelli

Age: 22

Hometown: Walpole, MA


            Eversince I can remember I had an unspoken bond with animals and more specificallywith dogs. It has been my dream to be a dog trainer and Jeff has helpedmake this possible. I am ready to learn all I can and become a confident,successful, real-world dog trainer devoted to bettering the lives of dogs aswell as their families.


Education: Graduate of Roger Williams University

            Bachelors Degree in Anthropology and Sociology, Minor in Graphic Design

            For the past four years I have been studying human relations and the components that exist in culture. I have a strong understanding of how people, groups, and cultures work. I graduated from Roger Williams University in May 2010 and completed my thesis work on human-animal relationships. This research focused      on,how potential dog adopters perceive and classify dominant breeds. The goal of this research is to help in the fight to rid society of its negative view of these  “dominant”breeds and help bring light to breed prejudices. I believe that all dogs deserve the right to be seen as individuals and should not be judged and stereotyped based on breed.