Another nice testimonial

Just wanted you to know that we put Buster down a few weeks ago  It was very sad. He was a part of our family for almost 15 years and we loved him dearly.
 You helped us so much w/ Rocco that we were confident enough to get another Cane Corso! Duke is 11 weeks old and so freaken cute! However, WE do not treat him like a baby as we did W/ Rocco!
You taught us sooo much!
Today, we took Rocco a 100 lb Italian Mastiff and his 1/2 brother to PETCO! The dogs behaved beautifully, we had  both of them in a down stay inside the store for well over 15 minutes. We were approached by humans and canines and our dogs didn't move one inch! Duke who is 11 weeks, just did what he was told to do. We continued training in the parkintg lot on Route 2 in Warwick. We had both dogs in a sit/stay! Cars slowed down to tell us what well behaved dogs they were etc .
We are so grateful to you!
We just wanted to let you know how much you impacted our family. Our grandson Christian, who is 2  will go to friends houses who own dogs and tell their dogs to do "place" LOL!
It is so inspiring to see someone do what they were born to do. Keep up the great work.
Jackie & Greg Trottier